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January 18st - March 8th 

WEDNESDAYS 20:30h - 22:00h (90 min.)



This is an 8-week-Intensive PROGRESSIVE course. It’s currently the only Salsa on2 class in Berlin taught by 2 professional and experienced dance teachers, unlike other classes where you only have one teacher giving class with an assistant or student. No need to come with a dance partner as we rotate.

This course is programmed to make you feel confident dancing at dance nights, events and festivals. We are focusing not only on beautiful partnerwork combinations, but also on:

  • Lead & follow technique

  • Spin technique

  • Body movement and shines

  • Body alignment, balance and momentum

  • Styling in partnerwork

Partnerwork moves:

  • All beginner 1, 2 & 3 moves

  • Double and triple spins

  • Double travel turns

  • More spin related moves and reverse turn variations

It is very hard to learn these topics in a drop-in class as the level of joiners can be changing every week and it is hard for instructors to get to know your level and guide you through your dance journey. That is why this class is for people who wants to have a lifetime hobby and get better every week by learning the core components of Salsa attending regularly.


99 €

*10 € less for students of last intensive

*first trial class can be paid with Urban Sports Club or a single class ticket, which costs 13€. The remaining 7 weeks price is 99€. If you join later, you'll be charged proportionally to the weeks left.

Urban sports club members 

50 €



*Prerequisite: All beginner 1, 2 & 3 moves. You can check the list of moves on the different course descriptions. This Intermediate course will use these moves but not explain them in detail.


Silvia & ERKIN

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