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  • Do I have to book a class online or can I just come to the studio without booking first?
    Please always (even for the first time) register for each course online via our course schedule and reserve your place with your payment method. If your payment method is not available, click on "Show more" or "Show all products".
  • How do I pay for the class?
    You can only pay cash or with Paypal in the studio. 
  • Do I need a dance partner?
    No, just show up! The culture of Salsa dance is that you switch partners in class. However, if you come with a partner and you don't want to switch, it's also fine.
  • Do I need a special outfit?
    Nope! Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in. However, to protect the dance floor, we ask that all dancers please take their street shoes of and wear clean, soft-soled, non-marking shoes, such as dance shoes or sneakers.
  • What are "Solotanz" classes?
    In solo dance "Solotanz" classes you dance by yourself, you are in control of your own dancing and there is no physical leading or following happening. Solo dance classes are a great way to exercise and burn calories, since you are using your whole body from head to toe. You can dance with full energy without having to adjust to your partner. Complex movements train your body control, balance, and muscle strength. In this type of class you are usually dancing facing the mirror, so you can see yourself and fix any mistakes. This also means that you improve faster. Any social dancer who is serious about improving themselves and working towards the advanced level, will need to take solo classes in addition to social dance. You Should Take Solo Dance Classes When: You want to improve and or style your dance skills for social dancing (E.g. Salsa Ladies or Men Styling). You like a specific music style and want to learn to dance to it. You want to have a fun type of exercise that increases stamina, strength, body control, balance, mobility, posture and more. You want to learn to express yourself through dance. You want to have complete control over how you dance.
  • What are "Partnerwork" classes
    Examples of partnerwork social dance styles include Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and many more. A dance style that you can dance at dedicated dance parties or social events where dance music is played. The focus tends to be on learning following and leading techniques, but a good partnerwork class starts with a proper warm-up, constantly remind students to keep a good posture and let their students move, dance and practice the techniques explained. The social aspect is the real feature here. During the class you change partners every few minutes, so you get to know all your peers. After class you might all go to a social dance party together and continue dancing and socialising over there. In addition to that, you can travel abroad for dance festivals or find local parties in your destination. This provides a cosy community feeling. You Should Take Social Dance Classes When: You want to dance together with someone You like a specific music style and want to learn to dance to it (e.g. Salsa, Bachata,) You want to join social dance parties (e.g. Salsa parties) and be able to dance there You like the social aspect and want to meet many new people and make new friends (all over the world) You and your significant other want to take on a new hobby together. (You can tell your instructor that you don’t want to change partners during class.)
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