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Salsa On2, also known as Salsa New York style (NY), originated in New York and gained global popularity. Dancers start on the first beat and execute their break step (a change of direction from forward to back or back to forward, depending on whether you're a leader or a follower) on the second beat of the bar. Salsa New York style is renowned for its smooth and elegant turn patterns and footwork sequences, making it one of the most popular styles in the "Cross Body Lead" or "linear salsa" category at festivals worldwide.

Our levels:


Beginner 1: Master the fundamental steps and moves and build a strong foundation. 

Beginner 2: Refine your basic techniques and explore more intricate moves, gaining confidence in your salsa skills.

Intermediate: Elevate your dance style by mastering complex footwork, spins, and partner figures, reaching a higher level of salsa expertise.

Our concept:


Flexible Drop-in

  • Jump in anytime: Classes follow a continuous loop structure.

  • Missed Lesson Catch-up: Review or catch up on any missed lessons at your own pace.

  • Weekly Schedule: Access a schedule to track the moves taught each week.

  • Tailored Learning: Customize your experience based on your preferences and progress.

  • Next level transition: Complete all Beginner 1 moves to seamlessly move to Beginner 2, ensuring a strong foundation for more advanced patterns in the Intermediate level. Enjoy a smooth and enjoyable Salsa learning journey with our structured and comprehensive curriculum.

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Intensive closed-group learning

  • Intensive: Carefully structured to develop dance skills at a suitable pace.

  • Continuity: Closed groups allow continuous learning and a clear progression plan.

  • Familiar Environment: Enables exploration of new steps, maximizes potential, encourages asking questions, and having fun.

  • Sense of Community: A strong group bond enhances motivation and makes the learning process enjoyable.


Example of an advanced Salsa on2 Social Dance

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