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Bachata, a vibrant Latin dance from the Dominican Republic, is known for its infectious rhythms and playful footwork. Our Bachata classes combine the best features of each style of Bachata (Traditional Bachata, Modern Bachata, Sensual Bachata). This achieves an almost perfect balance between the modern and the traditional, always maintaining the naturalness, cleanliness, and elegance of movements.

We focus on modern figures, sensual moves, footwork, body dissociation, and waves, fostering creativity in partner dancing. Bachata welcomes all ages, offering a lively and accessible dance experience.

Our levels:


Beginner 1: Master the fundamental steps and moves and build a strong foundation. 

Advanced-Beginner: Refine your basic techniques and explore more intricate moves, gaining confidence in your salsa skills.

Intermediate: Elevate your dance style by mastering complex footwork, spins, and partner figures, reaching a higher level of salsa expertise.

Our concept:

  • Flexible Entry: Jump in anytime; classes follow a continuous loop structure.

  • Missed Lesson Catch-up: Review or catch up on any missed lessons at your own pace.

  • Weekly Schedule: Access a schedule to track the moves taught each week.

  • Tailored Learning: Customize your experience based on your preferences and progress.

  • Next level transition: Complete all Beginner 1 moves to seamlessly move to Advanced-Beginner, ensuring a strong foundation for more advanced patterns in the Intermediate level. Enjoy a smooth and enjoyable Bachata learning journey with our structured and comprehensive curriculum.

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