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„TGIFS“ is meant to bring together Salsa dancers who would like to have some fun expanding their dance repertoire by dancers with whom they normally share the dance floor with. All this in a friendly atmosphere.⁣⁣




• 19:30h - 20:30h Salsa on2 Beginners class (see info below)

• 20:30h - 21:30h Salsa on2 Intermediate class with Silvia & Friends
• 21:30h - 24:00h Salsa Social



September 9th with Dj Jam aka Juan Martín on the deck and class

September 23rd class with Erkin & Silvia

October 7th class with Erkin & Silvia  I  Dj Jam on the deck

October 28th SILVIA'S BIRTHDAY BASH! class with Paco & Silvia  I  Dj Jam on the deck

November 25th class with Andrew & Silvia  I  Dj Andrew on the deck

December 16th class with Andrew & Silvia  I  Dj Andrew on the deck


➤➤ Price for Class & Social: 5€
Urban Sports Club welcome!




Are you a newbie to Salsa on2 dancing or you know someone that would like to learn it? Great! We also want to make sure that our community continues growing so we added a ★★★ NEWCOMERS SALSA ON2 CLASS ★★★ at 19:30h where you’ll be in a friendly and welcoming environment, while learning the basic concepts of Salsa on2 or also called New York stile from experienced and fun teachers. This class will take place every week.

➤➤➤ For registering this class look for our Friday's "Salsa Newcomer" class:


After the class, we’ll keep playing music in our social room so you can meet the people attending the class, grab a juicy drink in our bar and/or practice what you learned till our Intermediate class ends at 21:30h. After that everybody can stay at our TGIF Social and share the afternoon/night dancing with us to the rhythm of Salsa!

➤ ➤ Trial class: 7€
*Social is included
Urban Sports Club welcome!

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