Weddings, Corporate Events, or Private Parties. Whatever your occasion in any location, Dolce Vita Dance Company can entertain your guests with style and finesse. 

Are you planing a wedding and want to astonish your guests with a different wedding dance to vibrant salsa music or romantic Bachata? We are open to incorporate any specific themes or request to make your big day memorable.


To book us for your next big celebration or corporate event contact us at 0176 - 311 599 17.


What we offer:


- Group shows as well as couple shows

- Workshops in different styles like Salsa, Bachata or Chachacha

- Wedding choreographies 


Berlin Salsa Congress 2018

Show "Carbonero"

Valentine Dance Festival 2018

Show "Tatalibaba"

Rabat Salsa Congress

Show "Singing in the rain"

Kizombachata days Leipzig

Show "Climax"

Salsa Gala Jena 

Show "Mambo Dreams"


Show "Qué va"