In addition to perform the choreography at international festivals, you'll be able to take part of a dance videoclip! 

Improve your dance technique, styling and musicality by training a unique choreography on a regular basis and performing on international stages, which  will also improve your level on the dance floor. 

Share your passion for dancing and performing with dancers like you, learning a group choreography and being part of a wonderful and challenging experience.


A great opportunity to express your passion for dance and live an outstanding experience with a group of determined people with a common dream.

However, if your goal is to improve your dancing skills more than performing, the performance is optional for whoever wants an additional challenge.

Develop your dance technique and performance skills in a loving and always supportive environment, practicing on a regular and intensive basis, for dancers of ALL LEVELS.

Registration fee: 100€ (75€ for Dolce Vita Members).**

Monthly fee: 75€. Includes all the training. Includes the extra trainings the weeks before the performance and the videoclip filming. 

Costumes: 100 - 150€. The costume is one of the most relevant thing for an amazing stage presence. They will be custom-made by a professional dressmaker that will make us shine on stage!


**What covers this fee?

It includes the costs for the student support before and during the project via all social media platforms, organization of the necessary platforms to perform the shows, price reduction for private lessons, group coaching and Dolce Vita Workshops..


**What else?

We do not do contracts. We try to give you flexibility if your life changes and you won't be able to finish the project, but in order to be able to do this projects, we need some sort of security.

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