• Why Private Dance Coaching? 


If you are looking to improve your dancing ability and achieve your individual dance goals within a shorter period of time, these private coaching for individuals, couples or small groups are a great opportunity because they focus on student/s individual needs.


We help you to work at your own pace and needs, what isn't always possible during group classes.


With more than 20 years’ dance experience and more than 10 years' pedagogical experience Silvia de Lorenzo has been coaching dancers of different levels and helped them to develop their personal dance goals. 



 What is the focus of the classes 


Whatever you want to work on. For Example:


 Proper Dance Posture:

Develop the strength and flexibility to hold a good dance posture. We work on your back, shoulders and translation of the weight from one feet to the other.


 Body Movement:

Learn how to move your ribcage, hips and arms properly and coordinated. This will make your dance look better and more fluid and you will enjoy more the dancing to the music.


 Arm Styling: 

Learn how to use your arms with grace and according to the movement of your body without interfering the leading.


 A large etc. Let us know what are your needs!

• What do the Coaching Program look like? 


It depends on the program that meets your needs and on what you're ready to invest. Starting with a minimum of 5 classes, we offer:


1. private one-to-one classes

2. in a group of max. 3 people

• How much does it cost? 


We offer packages as well as payment plans. Just send us a non-binding request and we will put together an optimal proposal based on your individual wishes and budget.

• When do sessions take place? 


They can be scheduled at your convenience, with varying days or times.


To find out more about private coaching or to book your lesson, feel free to contact us anytime!

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