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Heels Workshop


Cross borders between styles and learn how training on heels can elevate your dancing, overall and boost your confidence!


December 17th  1pm - 3pm

December 18th  1pm - 3pm



People around the world are clamoring to learn how to dance in heels. It’s sexy, empowering, and oozes confidence, so it’s no wonder that so many want in on the action.


In this 2-day Workshop, Nikooletta will teach you everything you need to know to get started dancing in heels, how to build your skills base and perfect your technique, with a warm up and focused exercises to build certain movements, allowing you to progress further in your dance.


The first step will be learning how to walk and pose in heels. Feeling sexy and powerful in your walk is absolutely essential to learn how to dance in heels. Heels choreography often has moments to pose built in to create pictures with clean, beautiful lines. It’s all about empowerment, confidence, self love and embracing all your femininity.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, Nikooletta will put all of the fundamentals you've learned into one simple choreography.


Whether you’re brand new to dance classes, you’re coming from other dance styles or you’re coming back to basics to brush up on your skills, there’s always value in learning the fundamentals. Having a deep understanding of these beginner steps is the only way to nail more advanced choreographies when the time comes.




It’s important to feel secure and ready to groove with confidence, so pick a heel that’s right for you! You can choose the heel height and type according to your previous dance experience.

We recommend you to wear knee pads. 

We want you to feel comfortable, therefore wear clothes that are comfy & allow you to move freely. We always encourage you to bring whatever inspires you and makes you feel empowered and confidence!

Lace up those heels!

Price : 50 €


Level: All levels



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